WK1 Discussion EDUC 4304

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Discussion: Portrayals of Eating Disorders and ObesityAs the Learning Resources this week show, eating disorders can seriously threaten the health of today’s adolescents. Nonetheless, the incidence of eating disorders among adolescents remains relatively low, with an estimated 2.7% of teens afflicted. In comparison, statistics show that approximately 18% of adolescents struggle with obesity. In this Discussion, you will consider how eating disorders and obesity among adolescents are portrayed in the media and scientific community, and how this might affect common perceptions of these two health issues. Based on the Learning Resources and your own experiences, reflect on the following:How would you characterize the attention the issue of eating disorders among adolescents receives in the media and scientific community? Do you feel like it receives too little, too much, or the appropriate amount of attention?How would you compare the attention adolescent obesity receives to that of eating disorders in the media and the scientific community? Is it more, less, or equally publicized? Is the nature of the attention different, or similar? How so, and why?What might the implications of these portrayals be for adolescent health?With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.By Day 3Post a summary of your thoughts on how eating disorders among adolescents are portrayed in the media and scientific community versus the coverage teen obesity receives. Explain how and why you believe the portrayals are similar or different, and describe at least two possible implications of these portrayals for the health of adolescents. Be sure to use the Learning Resources to support your thinking.