Working towards Safer Communities

Choose a fictional character(s) taken from popular fairy tales, cartoons, plays, books, movies, or television shows. If you wish to describe a couple or family, you may take multiple characters from the same story.
July 30, 2019
Analyse , synthesis and evaluate the related literature in relation to the impact of play therapy in reducing the stress and anxiety experience by child and his family during medical procedures or during hospitalization and on healthcare environment.
July 30, 2019

Length: 2500 words

Task: Working towards Safer Communities
Many communities have a ‘community working party’ to help build a safer community. Write a draft framework for a paper entitled Building A Safer Community that:
• Identifies the key issues to be addressed when developing a strategy to provide a safe environment for a particular client group.
• Defines ‘community’ and ‘client group’ as used in this essay
• Identifies stakeholders and the client group you are considering
• Identifies roles for participants
• Uses an evidence base for models and strategies
Presentation: The document will be typed
• 12 pt. Font
• 1½ or Double spacing
• Wide margins
Assessment criteria: This assessment will be assessed according to:
• Range and number of relevant evidence based practice literature used.
• Identification of key issues
• Identification of appropriate roles of participants
• Range of stakeholders and clients considered
• Appropriate strategy
• Demonstrated understanding of the application of theories and models for professionals in a community context;
• Adherence to the appropriate State/Territory Legislation.
• Adherence to academic conventions of essay writing (e.g. referencing; writing style)

Required textbook(s) 
Set Text
Fawcett B & Waugh F. (2008) Addressing Violence, Abuse and Oppression: Debates and Challenges Fawcett & Waugh (ed). Macmillan Victoria
Recommended Text
Tilbury, C., Osmond, J., Wilson, S & Clark, J. (2007) Good Practice in Child Protection. Pearson Education Australia Frenchs Forest NSW 
Required textbooks can be ordered from the CDU Bookshop through their website at

Geller, J., (1998) Conjoint Therapy for the Treatment of Partner Abuse: Indications & Contraindications in Battered Women and their Families Roberts, A. (eds) (2nd ed) Springer Publishing Company, New York 
Hall, R. (2001) “Pitfalls and challenges in work with men who use violence against their partners” in Pease, B. & Camilleri, P. (eds) Working with Men in the Human Services; Allen & Unwin; Sydney, pp122-133
Pence, E., & Paymar, M., (1993) Theoretical Framework for Understanding Battering Ch. 1 in Education Groups for men who Batter, Springer Publishing Company, New York
Tilley. S., Brackley. M., (2004) Violent lives of Women Critical Points for Intervention – Phase 1 Focus Groups in Perspectives in Psychiatric Care Vol. 40, No. 4, Oct-Dec.
Wilson, I., (2002) How can we move beyond violence, in Therapy in Australia vol.9, no.1, pp. 48-52
Adult survivors of sexual abuse. 
Burke Draucker. C., (1992) Introduction in Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Sage Publications London 
O’Leary, P. (2001) “Working with males who have experienced childhood sexual abuse” in Pease, B. & Camilleri, P. (eds) Working with Men in the Human Services; Allen & Unwin; Sydney, pp80-92


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