Writing Collaboratively

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For this assignment, choose either from the perspective of pro-collaboration in the workplace or against collaboration in the workplace. Write a 2 to 3-page paper on your position. You may use the OneSearch tool in the Excelsior College Library for evidence to support your thesis.

Start your assignment by choosing a position (Pro or Against collaboration)

Formulate your problem statements/thesis statements, as well as the information provided to you in this module regarding the writing process.

Support your position with evidence from multiple perspectives, including literature from your library search, as well as your own reflection.

In your own reflection on a personal experience or a workplace project that required ongoing collaboration, you may choose to focus on at least two questions from the following list: 

Did the team break down a large project into several smaller tasks?

Did the team plan the project?

Did the team create and maintain an accurate schedule?

Did the team put decisions in writing?

Did the team monitor the project?

Did the team distribute and act on information quickly?

Did the team act flexibly regarding schedule and responsibilities?

What could have been done differently to improve the overall collaboration experience?