You will submit a 1500 word fully-referenced critical essay which | International Journalism


You will submit a 1500 word fully-referenced critical essay which will DISCUSS ONE of the following:

a)  Journalism is an expression of the culture in which it resides. 

b)  The decline of the foreign correspondent.

c)  Does the West continue to dominate global news flow?

d)  Asian values in journalism and its impact across the Asia-Pacific region.

e)  The challenges for African journalism in the 21st century.

f)  Compare and contrast development journalism in Asia and Africa.

g)  The Pacific journalist – tradition versus freedom of expression.

h)  The challenges for investigative journalism in Eastern Europe.

i)  The clash of civilisation and its influence on US journalism.

j)  The framing of Africa by western journalists.

k)  Freedom of expression vs democracy in Latin America.

l)  The decline of US newspapers and what it means for democracy.

m)   Is peace journalism possible?

n)  OR a statement you design based on your studies which has received prior approval from your tutor at least TWO weeks before due date.

Your assignment will be assessed according to the criteria sheet at the end of the Subject Outline. You are encouraged to self-assess your work by submitting a copy of this assessment criteria sheet with your assignment.

Length:           1500 words

Due:                 Friday of Week 14

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